lab 44 - Mitchell 1 Michelle Mitchell Mr. Sebald Chemistry...

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Mitchell 1 Michelle Mitchell Mr. Sebald Chemistry (3) 30 May 2006 The Chemical Murder of Miss Scarlet June 1 2006: Another mystery has come my way. This time it was Miss Scarlet, a young college student, found dead on the floor of the ballroom after her college prom. It was late last night, May 31, 2006, that I, Constable Forest, received the call. I immediately went to investigate at Wisconsin Lutheran College, my alma mater of course. I became suspicious immediately because many of the Science Department professors were standing around the body. I thought to myself, “Why would anyone call a science teacher, before I, the Constable?” Just then I saw it, the murder weapon indeed, a vial filled with a clear liquid. I thought back to my glory days in chemistry class with Mr. M. M. Sebald, approximately the 1970’s, and knew it was either potassium iodide or lead nitrate. The memories came flooding back! All the fun labs I got to do, and my genious lab partner, Mr. Matt Bilitz. Students and the flocking professors told me, although of course I already knew, that Miss Scarlet was violently allergic to potassium iodide. They also reminded me that lead nitrate is a general poison that can be used in a variety of applications, but clearly learned that in kindergarten! I gathered the evidence and went home to get a good nights rest. June 2, 2006: On my first real day of investigation I decided to check out the campus, you know, see if anything changed a lot since my graduation. Conveniently, I went to the back quarters, a place where only janitors go. It was around there I saw Colonel Mustard,
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Mitchell 2 in the CONSERVATORY with lead nitrate solutions in excess of 0.30M. He said he was deeply disturbed by the death of Miss Scarlet, who was all set to graduate the following week. I knew better than to believe him though. It was Miss Scarlet, the varsity cheerleader captain, who led a student revolt and took over the school when he was the
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lab 44 - Mitchell 1 Michelle Mitchell Mr. Sebald Chemistry...

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