9.24 - -situational reactions-breakup death...

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9/24/07 Narcoleptic Tetrad Continued: 3. Sleep Paralysis Muscles stop working even after REM sleep -happens even while just waking for a few seconds 4. Hypogogic hallucinations -can’t tell if asleep or awake Narcolepsy -Onset before puberty -Genetic problem: 1:20 chance of inheritance -Treatment: -Correct diagnosis -15 years (5.5 doctors) to get a correct diagnosis -counseling of patient and spouse -good sleep hygiene and napping -medication -cause: Loss of Hcrt neurons which contain the neurotransmitter Hypocretin -hypothalamus autoimmune disease -why/how? -much greater incidence in March -flu season, regional disease, genetic factors Insomnia -Transient Insomnia (< 3 weeks)
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Unformatted text preview: -situational reactions-breakup, death, layoff-environmental conditions-moving to the noisy city-sleep schedules-shift work, jet lag-sleeping pills-never use for more than 3 weeks-alcohol can kill in tandem-Chronic Insomnia (> 3 weeks)-delayed sleep phase syndrome-alert too late, asleep too late-sleep apnea-heavy snoring with respiratory pauses-obstructed upper airway passage-100-600 apneas per night-must awaken to resume breathing-symptoms observed by bed partner-18 million people of USA-95% undiagnosed-Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-#1 killer of infants before 1 year-Most people are chronically sleep deprived...
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9.24 - -situational reactions-breakup death...

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