Chapter 7 Study Guide

Chapter 7 Study Guide - Chapter 7 Mendelian Inheritance...

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Lecture 13 1. List 4 factors that have been observed in the past to begin an understanding of why offspring resemble their parents . a. b. c. d. 2. Discuss Mendel's Background in detail . Where was he born? Did his family have money? How was he able to obtain an education? What did he study? What did he learn at the university? What other ponderings led Mendel to begin his work in genetics? 3. What is a trait ? List some examples of traits. 4. How are traits determined? 5. Define Gene . How did Mendel view genes?List some other words that people use instead of gene. What is a polypeptide ? How is gene information written? 6. What is a chromosome . Why are chromosomes important? Where is the chromosome located? How many copies of chromosomes do people have. where do these chromosomes come from? 7. Are all copies of coins identical? Why? What is an allele ? When is an allele dominant , how is it denoted? When is an allele recessive, how is it denoted? 8. What is a homozygote ? How is a homozygote denoted? What is a heterozygote ? How is a heterozygote denoted? 9. Define genotype . Define phenotype . Give examples of genotype, give examples of phenotype. Can individuals have the same phenotype but a different genotype? 10. What is a genetic cross ? What is the P generation? What is the F1 generation? What is the F2 generation? 11. How was Mendel able to succeed? How did he find his experimental organism? What did he choose to make his crosses with? Why? 12. How did Mendel insure that his organisms were able to self-pollinate or cross-pollinate ? 13. After Mendel selected his perfect organism, he had to select the varieties that would show different distinct (discrete) traits. Explain how he did this. What does it mean to be pure breeding ? What traits did Mendel ultimately choose to study:? How did Mendel analyze his data? 14. What is a monohybrid cross ? Mendel crossed tall and short plants? How was the dominant trait determined? Did the dominant plants only produce dominant offspring? What was the ratio of the F2 offspring?
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Chapter 7 Study Guide - Chapter 7 Mendelian Inheritance...

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