HLTH 210 test 3 - Cancer All cells have in prebuilt...

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Cancer All cells have in prebuilt expiration date. Bones, brain cells, etc all live for different amounts of period. Cancer does not allow these cells to reproduce 1. Terms a. Benign= noncancerous tumors b. Malignant = cancerous c. metastasis : when cancer cells travel to other parts of the body 2. Treatments a. Chemotherapy – gets inside and kills cells b. Radiation- kills everything it hits, goes from outside in c. Surgery i. Remove the tissue ii. Exploratory to see what stage and to test to see if it is benign or not iii. Hormone therapy iv. Targeted treatments v. Gene therapy 3. Statistic Terms a. Mortality Rate: the number of people per 100,000 dying of a disease in a given year b. Survival Rate: number of people who will be alive ___ years after diagnosis c. Probability of Developing Cancer: reflects average experience of people in U.S. Does NOT take into account individual behaviors and risk factors 4. Top 3 cancers for women a. Incidence Rate i. 1. Breast cancer ii. 2. Lung cancer iii. 3. Colo-rectal b. Mortality rate i. 1.lung cancer ii. 2. Breast cancer iii. 3. Colo-rectal cancer 5. Risk Factors a. 30% of caner deaths related to smoking b. Smoking is linked to at least 10 cancers c. 35% of cancer incidence is related to diet nutrition (breast, endometrial, prostate, colo-rectal) d. Obesity 6. Reducing your risk of cancer (follow 6 of 9 in order to reduce risk) a. Don’t smoke b. Keep BMI under 25
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HLTH 210 test 3 - Cancer All cells have in prebuilt...

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