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BIO 214 - Exam 1A questions

BIO 214 - Exam 1A questions - Nikita Shah BIO 214 Winter...

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Nikita Shah BIO 214 – Winter 2008 Professor Castronuevo Exam 1A 1. Smallest unit of life = cell 2. Unit of length of human cell = micrometers 3. Which statement is true? Genetic instruction in all cells storied in DNA. 4. Unstained living animal cells can be seen using phase-contrast light microscope. 5. Neuron axon conducts away from cell body, multiple dendrites receive signals from axons of other neurons (TRUE) 6. Which statement is true? Weak bonds are involved in maintaining conformation of macromolecules. 7. –OH hydroxyl 8. –C=O carbonyl 9. –COOH carboxyl 10. –NH2 amino 11. Polysaccharides composed of sugars 12. DNA composed of deoxyribonucleotides 13. RNA composed of ribonucleotides 14. Proteins composed of amino acids 15. Lipids composed of fatty acids 16. Phospholipid can form bilayer membranes because its amphipathic 17. Saturated fatty acids increase membrane fluidity. FALSE. Pro-Val-Thr-Gly-Lys-Cys-Glu 18. C-Terminal amino acid? Glu. 19. N-Terminal amino acid? Pro. 20. Alzheimer’s disease is a result of improper protein folding.
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21. Label polar head. 22. Label phosphate group. 23. Label hydrophilic portion of phospholipid. 24. Label hydrophobic portion of phospholipid. 25. Label non saturated fatty acid. 26. True or False. Auditory hair cells depend on stress activated ion channels. True. 27. Nonpolar AA tend to be found? Whoops, I didn’t right down the rest of the question.
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