English 103 Project 1

English 103 Project 1 - Shah Nikita Shah Professor...

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Shah 1 Nikita Shah Professor Elizabeth Thorpe English 103 Project 1 Throughout history, literature, and the media, father and son relationships have been shown to be difficult. In both “Digging” and “Those Winter Sundays”, Seamus Heaney and Robert Hayden, respectively, express their thoughts on the complexities of a father-son relationship. Both poems are written from a nostalgic perspective of a son analyzing the actions of his father. While the speakers of both poems show an appreciation towards the hard work of their fathers, each expresses it in his own way. “Digging” explores and attempts to bridge the generational gaps that exist between father and son. The speaker witnesses his father digging potato drills and recalls his grandfather digging turf with similar expertise. Heaney utilizes a metaphor in the first stanza of the poem when the speaker claims to hold the pen “as snug as a gun”. This refers to the strength of the speaker’s writing skill. By comparing his writing utensil to a gun, it shows that his writing is powerful. While his father and grandfather represent their strong family history by continuing the trade of digging, the speaker will explore his family history through writing. The speaker links both men in the poem as good diggers by stating “By
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English 103 Project 1 - Shah Nikita Shah Professor...

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