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Horse Nutrition Database Stephanie Yarbro, Animal Science, Cal Poly Mark Edwards, Animal Science, Cal Poly
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Introduction The Cal Poly Equine Center houses 100-200 horses, depending on the time of year. Some of these horses are owned by the Cal Poly Foundation while others are owned by students. The facility is comprised of several barns with individual stalls and several pastures of various sizes. Horses are fed multiple times a day by the feeding crews. Feedstuffs are ordered periodically and kept on site. These include hay, grain, and other supplements. Currently, there is no complete and organized record of individual diets, inventory, and feed usage. At the end of each month, the amount of inventory left is counted by hand and compared to the estimated feed usage. In the past, there have been discrepancies in these numbers due to miscalculations and feed “disappearance.” A dynamic computer database is needed at the Equine Center in order to keep track of individual horse data, feed ingredients, horse diets, and horse locations. Actual and estimated feed usages should be calculated for a given period of time. Individual Horse Data Horses at the Equine Center are fed on an individual basis. Because some of these horses come and go, adding and subtracting horses from the list should be convenient. In order to keep track
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equineunitdatabase - Horse Nutrition Database Stephanie...

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