Literature Search and Microscope Parts

Literature Search and Microscope Parts - If the window...

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Literature Search 1) Go to 2) Move the cursor to “Libraries and Collections” and click on “The Libraries” 3) Click on “Biomedical Library” on the left side of the page For Books: 4) Click on “UCLA Library Catalog” 5) Search for your topic by keyword 6) Find the book location in the library by its call number. Make sure that you go to the library on campus where the book is held. For Journals 4) Click on “Quick Link to Selected Resources” at the top of the page 5) Click on an article database (Biosis via Ovid and MOFR are good for this class) 6) Search for your topic by keyword 7) Pick an article from the results page 8) Full text may be available online : a) Click on “UC-eLinks” for the article that you want b) The window that pops up will either say “Full text available…” or “See if UCLA owns this” c) If full text is available, click on the link and an abstract for the article will appear. On this page, find a link for full text in PDF format and click on it Or d)
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Unformatted text preview: If the window states “See if UCLA owns this”, click on the link to see if the article is at the library. If so, you’ll have to go to the Biomed Library or another library on campus to find it (you can determine this by the location of the journal that the article is in. You can search for the location of journals using the UCLA Library Catalog). If UCLA does not own it, skip this article and pick the next interesting one. If you really want the article (or a book) and another UC campus has it, you can get an interlibrary loan. For this, go to the UCLA Library homepage, point the cursor at “Services”, then point it at “Request”, and click “Interlibrary loan” • Note: If you are trying to access the article databases from an off-campus computer, you have to set up a “proxy server” before you’re allowed access. To do this, go to the following address for complete instructions: Microscope Parts...
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Literature Search and Microscope Parts - If the window...

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