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CPE-366 Use Case: Animal Management, Add Specimen 1. User selects SCIENTIFIC NAME or COMMON NAME to be associated with new specimen from drop down list of valid options 1.1.Entry of the first few letters of either SCIENTIFIC NAME or COMMON NAME will index to the valid options; breed is displayed as part of COMMON NAME 1.2.If valid option is not present, User is prompted to navigate to Animal Management Menu to “Add Taxon” 2. User enters information in appropriate fields 2.1.HOUSE NAME (Required field) 2.2.GENDER (Required field) 2.2.1. User selects GENDER from drop down list of valid options 2.3.DATE OF BIRTH (Required field) 2.3.1. User is alerted if an existing, but archived, SPECIMEN is identified that matches the previous information entered (COMMON NAME, HOUSE NAME, GENDER, DATE OF BIRTH) 2.3.2. User is offered the option to select a previously archived SPECIMEN to continue the “Add Specimen” process (Note: specimens are commonly brought on-site for breeding and then removed; this process could occur
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