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CPE-366 User Case: Animal Management, Add Taxon 1. User selects BROAD TAXON GROUP from drop down list of valid options 1.1.Entry of the first few letters of the BROAD TAXON GROUP will scroll through valid options 1.2.If BROAD TAXON GROUP is not entered, Users selected “Enter New Broad Taxon Group” 1.3.User enters BROAD TAXON GROUP designation 2. User enters SCIENTIFIC NAME designation associated with the BROAD TAXON GROUP selected above 2.1.User is alerted if SCIENTIFIC NAME entered is already present in the system 2.2.User is shown all entries of SCIENTIFIC NAME entered and corresponding COMMON NAME designations to confirm the need for duplicate entry of SCIENTIFIC NAME 2.3.If entry is not required, User may select “cancel” 2.4.If entry is required, User may select “OK/Proceed” to confirm entry
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Unformatted text preview: 3. User enters COMMON NAME designation associated with the SCIENTIFIC NAME designation selected above 3.1.User is alerted if COMMON NAME entered is already present in the system 3.2.User is shown all entries of COMMON NAME entered and corresponding SCIENTIFIC NAME designations. Duplicate entries of both SCIENTIFIC NAME and COMMON NAME are not permitted 3.3.User is prompted to select “cancel” to proceed without entry 4. User enters “OK/Proceed” to confirm entry of new SCIENTIFIC NAME and COMMON NAME combination 5. User selects from following navigation options 5.1.Return to Main 5.2.Return to Nutrition Management 5.3.Return to Inventory Management 5.4.Return to Animal Management 5.5.Return to Facility Management...
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