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CPE-366_Use-Case_Add Stock-to-Inventory

CPE-366_Use-Case_Add Stock-to-Inventory - 4.1.3 User is...

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CPE-366 User Case: Inventory Management, Add Stock to Inventory 1. User selects INVENTORY MANAGEMENT from MAIN menu 2. User selects ADD STOCK TO INVENTORY from INVENTORY MANAGEMENT menu 3. User prompted to select from drop down list of INGREDIENT TYPES (e.g., COMMERCIAL FEEDS, FEED INGREDIENTS, HAY) 4. User prompted to select from drop down list of INGREDIENT DESCRIPTIONS within the selected INGREDIENT TYPE, including <Add New Ingredient Description> 4.1.To Add Stock of existing INGREDIENT, user selects INGREDIENT DESCRIPTION, then “OK/Proceed” or “Cancel” 4.1.1. A summary of INGEDIENT DESCRIPTION is displayed for user to confirm that the information to be entered is related to the same INGREDIENT 4.1.2. The current <effective that date> inventory in stock is displayed
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Unformatted text preview: 4.1.3. User is prompted to enter the new quantity of ORDER UNITS 4.1.4. The current date is recorded as the date the stock was added to the inventory, unless edited by the user. 4.1.5. User selects “OK/Proceed” to confirm revision, or “Cancel” 4.2.To Add Stock of a new INGREDIENT, user selects <Add New Ingredient Description>, then “OK/Proceed” or “Cancel” 4.2.1. User is directed to ADD/EDIT INGREDIENT DESCRIPTION 4.2.2. User selects “OK/Proceed” to confirm revision, or “Cancel” 5. User selects from following navigation options 5.1.Return to Main 5.2.Return to Nutrition Management 5.3.Return to Inventory Management 5.4.Return to Animal Management 5.5.Return to Facility Management...
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