Meacham syllabus - 1 SOWK 7310 ADVANCED PRACTICE IN RURAL...

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SOWK 7310 ADVANCED PRACTICE IN RURAL AREAS II – FAMILIES Instructor: Mike Meacham, Ph.D., LCSW, DCSW Office: 211 Pine Hall Office Hours: I’m usually here. Please call first. Telephone: 229.245.4339 Division Telephone: 229.249.5080 Fax: 229.245.4341 Classroom: 114 Pine Hall E-Mail: Semester: Fall, 2006 Credits: Three CATALOG DECRIPTION Co-requisite: SOWK 7300. This course is an advanced seminar, which provides theories compatible with the ecological systems perspective in relation to multi-level work with families at different levels of functioning and of diverse forms. RELATION TO OTHER COURSES When working with or researching families, social workers use many of the knowledge, skills, and values learned throughout the curriculum. Research about the family is supported by knowledge and skills gained in SOWK 6100 (Information Technology Lab), SOWK 6500 (Research and Evaluation Methods in Social Work), SOWK 7500 (Advanced Research and Program Evaluation) and SOWK 7860 (Grant Writing in Human Services). Because the family is a Holon of individuals, this course relates to theory is SOWK 6201 (Human Behavior in the Social Environment I), and practice in SOWK 6301 (Generalist Practice), SOWK 7300 (Advanced Practice in Rural Areas I – Individuals) and SOWK 7810 (Psychopathology & Assessment for Non-Medical Helpers). As a group in itself, the family relates to content in SOWK 6003 (Social Work Practice with Groups I), SOWK 6004 (Social Work Practice with Groups II), SOWK 750 (Social Work Practice in Child and Family Settings), and SOWK 7870 (Social Work Practice with Abusing and Neglecting Families). A part of the Holon of the community and greater society, this course relates to SOWK 6302 (Generalist Practice II), SOWK 6400 (Social Welfare Policy, Problems and Services), SOWK 7400 (Policy in Rural Areas). Depending on the situation, this course relates very well with SOWK 7850 (Social Work Practice in Schools), SOWK 7700 (Gerontology), and SOWK 7840 (Seminar on Loss and Bereavement). Situations may arise in families in which the remaining courses in settings, such as SOWK 7800 (Social Work Practice in Health Settings) and SOWK 7830 (Social Work Practice in Mental Health). Families also frequently must contend with Issues of Substance Abuse (SOWK 7820) and Forensics (7880) as well. In practicum, most students will work to some degree with families and will discuss this in seminars, so the course relates in a very important manner to SOWK 1
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Meacham syllabus - 1 SOWK 7310 ADVANCED PRACTICE IN RURAL...

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