Rural syllabus examp adv gen

Rural syllabus examp adv gen - STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE...

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Unformatted text preview: STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK MSW PROGRAM SWK 525 Dr. R. Bruce McNellie Advanced Generalist Practice Fall, 2007 (936)560-9437 Sample LMSW Exam Questions-webpage Prerequisites: Completion of Professional Foundation or Advanced Standing Corequisite: SWK 510, SWK 517 COURSE SYLLABUS I. COURSE PURPOSE Advanced Practice I is required during the first semester of the concentration. It builds on all courses taken during the foundation and focuses on obtaining depth and breadth of knowledge across complex problem areas, populations at risk and practice settings within a rural context. Greater skill and autonomy in a wider selection of problem solving, assessment, intervention and evaluation strategies with individuals, families and groups is learned. Greater depth in awareness, sensitivity and professional response to issues of ethics, values, diversity, social and economic justice and populations at risk is achieved. Linking with Advanced Practice II, focusing on task groups, organizations and communities, that is taught concurrently, students gain integration and mastery across advanced generalist levels of practice. Horizontal integration also occurs with concurrent advanced policy and research courses. The combination and integration of these advanced generalists concentration courses with the foundation prepares students for the following block placement. TEXTS: Required Texts: Garvin, C. D. (1997). Contemporary Group Work , 3 rd Edition. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. Kilpatrick, A. C. & Holland, T. P. (1999). Assessing and Working with Families: An Integrative Model by Level of Function , 2 nd edition. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. II. CURRICULUM DESCRIPTION The MSW program of SFASU features a generalist foundation and a single concentration: Advanced Generalist Practice in a Rural Context, both defined below. It is important to note here that the BSW program and the MSW program have developed a shared definition of generalist practice, given below. Generalist practice is a practice perspective that serves diverse client systems utilizing an ecological systems approach focusing on persons, families, groups, organizations and communities within the context of the rural social environment. It is not confined by a narrow Revised Fall 2007, SWK 525 cadre of theories; rather; it is versatile enough to allow problems and situations as well as strengths, capacities and resources to determine the practice approach. Generalist practice employs a problem solving framework and a broad knowledge, value and skill base which demands ethical practice and on-going self-assessment. Briefly, generalist social work practice: Is multi-level to include individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities....
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Rural syllabus examp adv gen - STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE...

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