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EEB 109 INTRODUCTION TO MARINE SCIENCE Summer 2007 Quiz #1 Description _______________________________________________________________________ _ Structure: The quiz will be given in LS 1315 at the beginning of your lab section. There will be approximately 50 questions on the quiz. You will have 30 minutes to complete the quiz. The quiz will consist mostly of fill in the blank type answers but I will also include multiple choice and true or false questions. One section of the quiz can be answered independently. The other section will consist of identification of lab specimens that I will show you during the quiz. Content: Any information from the lab portion of this course. This includes specimens, slides, preserved species, mounts, and information from the lab manual, tapedowns, whiteboard, and intros that I gave. Rules and Other Things: 1) I may ask for the scientific name of the species. One question will be the Genus and the other will be the species name. The Genus name has the first letter
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Unformatted text preview: capitalized while the species name has the first letter in lowercase. Both names need to be underlined . A ½ pt will be taken off for each answer if you do not follow these instructions! 2) Some specimens were provided with a Genus name but no species name. I will ask for the Genus name of these specimens, not the species name. Remember, the first letter of the Genus name is capitalized and the whole name is underlined . Again, a ½ point off if you don’t do this. 3) When I ask for the name of the specimen or group (i.e. Phylum, Class, Genus, scientific name, etc), you are allowed a misspelling of the name of up to two letters for full credit. A ½ point will be taken off for three to four letters wrong, as long as I can tell that you knew what the name was. A full point will be taken off for five letters wrong or more. If you have any questions, send me an email at [email protected] Have fun, study hard, and relax!...
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