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Vivek Arora Pd. 9 The Media Effect “From the U.S. media's fraudulent reporting about Gulf of Tonkin events in early August 1964 to the fraudulent reporting about supposed Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in the first years of the 21st century, the U.S. news media have been fundamental to making war possible for the United States.” With comments such as this, it is easy to see that the media is not liked. However, there are many that sympathize for the media, and know how difficult it is to report, especially for the embedded troops in Iraq. As Loane said, "In past conflicts, reporters could for the most part move around," he added. "It's a whole different set of realities in Iraq that make it so much harder for journalists. There's such a mix of emotions and things happening and we're not getting the full feed of that. It must be confusing for readers." The media is seen as sugar- coaters, as unfair, as bias, and a wide variety of other things. But it is impossible for the media to please everybody. That is why there are different stations. The Fox News Channel is a very conservative based channel, and many reports cover the Republican point of view. On the other hand, CNN, a very liberal channel, covers news from the Democratic angle, however they do try very hard to “level the playing field.” No matter what channel or newspaper, each piece of media has a bias, and each article or story is a form of propaganda. The media tends to make the good things sound better, and the bad things sound far worse. A report by the Media Research Center, “TV’s Bad News Brigade”, exposed
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that the three commercial network nightly news broadcasts have been overwhelmingly biased in their coverage of Iraq. In a article by Bozell, he claimed that The MRC analyzed all broadcasts of ABC’s World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, and the
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GOV PAPER - Vivek Arora Pd 9 The Media Effect From the U.S...

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