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BOSTON UNIVERSITY SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION ESSAY APPLICANT: VIVEK K. ARORA It was the summer after my junior year in high school when I seriously began my search for  colleges.  Looking through course manuals, viewbooks, and rankings I became more and more  overwhelmed as time went on.  After looking through every top college ranking book I could get  my hands on and not finding any answers, I soon realized that I couldn’t make my decision based  on some editors (who were probably many years out of college) decided was a good school — I  had to look internally.  This is when my true search for college began.  So I turned my focus  inward, looking for which colleges fit me rather than which colleges I fit into. I had always known of Boston University with its reputation for great academic and wonderful  atmosphere.  After researching a little more, I came upon a picture of Boston University’s 
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Unformatted text preview: gorgeous campus and I was hooked. The opportunities for a business major to learn and gain experience are endless in a city like Boston as well as the university and I plan on taking full advantage of them. Also, Boston University programs provide the academic rigor I was in search for. It will offer the challenges I need to succeed in an academic environment. Boston University, with its academic prestige, location, in-class and out-of-class opportunities, skilled professors and innumerable resources, has everything I was looking for in a college plus more. I am confident, if accepted, I would be a great addition to the Boston University student body and would reap great benefits from this great institution of higher learning....
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