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Write about an issue I feel strongly about (250 words) During a free period in ninth grade, a fellow classmate decided to tell a few jokes. I have never laughed that hard in my life, I thought, “this kid is going to grow up to be a comedian.” A few months later during the summer I picked up the local newspaper to find a picture of the same acquaintance on the front page. I was wrong. He was not going to grow up to be a comedian; he didn’t have time to grow up. That night he died because he was in the car with a drunk driver. Shocked, puzzled, and angry, I wanted to prevent this from happening again, so I joined IMPACT. IMPACT, a drug and alcohol resistance education club in my school, works to eliminate characteristics in high school and elementary school culture which foster
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Unformatted text preview: underage use of drugs and alcohol. We do this through advising and informing younger students so that they better equipped them with the information necessary to make the right and healthy decisions. Hopefully through these efforts, we can reduce the amount of drug and alcohol abuse. We use events such as musical concerts, information campaigns and demonstrations to increase awareness and to discourage such bad habits. Underage drinking is a threat to the fabric of teen culture—one wrong decision about alcohol has the power to change tens of lives. If IMPACT and other groups like it continue with their efforts, we can continue to curtail tragedies caused by these substances. Word count: 249...
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