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Travis West Dr. Elder Religious Autobiography Martin Luther’s Younger Years Here is a brief biography of Martin Luther. Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483. At the age of 22 he was caught in a thunderstorm, and he told God if he survived it he would become a monk. Luther preached his first mass on May 2, 1507. Luther soon started questioning some of the rules of the Catholic church at the time, mainly confession. Luther’s confessor at the time invited him to teach at Wittenburg in 1511. It was by this appointment that Luther began to study the book of Romans and be convicted by the fact that an individual is justified by faith alone, which he pulled from Romans 1:17 “…the righteous will live by faith.” Once Luther came to this conclusion, the rest is history! He posted the 95 theses against the Catholic church, books of his were burned, edicts were issued, and his completion of the first German Bible. I am sure we all know of Martin Luther and how he brought about the Reformation and resulted in Protestant Christianity. Unfortunately, not many know about the events in the early years of Luther.
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Dr. Elder - MARTIN LUTHER - Travis West Dr. Elder Religious...

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