World Religions - MORMONISM (A New "Prophet"...

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MORMONISM (A New "Prophet" Writes New "Scripture”) History On the night of September 21, 1823, a praying boy of 17 looked up, and there was the angel Moroni standing by his bed. Moron told the boy where he could find a set of golden plates a book containing the "fullness of the everlasting Gospel" as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants of America. This was the story told by the boy, Joseph Smith, Jr. He then began to translate the plates with the aid of two magic stones. A New York farmer got interested in the project and paid for the publishing of the book. Before publication, the farmer took copies of the plates to a Columbia University professor to prove that it was genuine. Quotes from a letter the professor wrote on his findings include the following: "Upon examining the paper in question, I soon came to the conclusion that it was all a trick, perhaps a hoax. ..the paper contained anything but Egyptian hieroglyphics. ..publish this letter immediately should you find my name mentioned again by these wretched fanatics.” The translation of the plates, "The Book of Mormon” tells a story about two great migrations to North America. One in 2,250 b.c. and the second in 600 b.c. The other doctrines of Mormonism are contained in the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants, by Smith. The Book of Mormon has been proven incorrect by archaeologists, anthropologists, and Bible scholars. Beliefs About God God, the etemal Father, is a material creature (with a body of flesh and bones). He was once a man as we are, and has increased to where He is now. They believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as three Gods, separate in personality, but united in purpose, God is not omnipresent. .."cannot be in more than one place at a time". Jesus was the first born of God's spirit children and by devotion and obedience, attained to the pinnacle of intelligence which ranked him as God. Beliefs About Man Man is progressively becoming a God. Man originates as a "spirit child". Life on earth is a chance to earn his way to one of the three levels of heaven. Mormons teach that Adam's sin in Eden was necessary in order to provide parentage for the spirit children of God who were ready and waiting for the experience of earth life. Men are punished for their own sins, not for Adam's. Beliefs About Salvation Mormonism teaches salvation by faith plus works plus baptism. Mormons teach that the dead can be baptized by proxy for salvation. In Mormon theology there are three levels of heaven: the telestial, the terrestrial and the celestial. The level will be determined by the scope of each man's good works. The first heaven (telestial) is for heathen people who rejected the Gospel. The second (terrestrial) will be inhabited by Christians who did not accept the Mormon message, along with men of good will of other religions. The final (celestial) heaven is itself divided into three kingdoms, the highest of which is godhood or the
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World Religions - MORMONISM (A New "Prophet"...

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