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Key Terms for Test 1 - (separating Puritans) Puritans...

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History 105 terms Teotihuacan Tenochtitlan Cahokia Chaco Canyon Eurocentric Reconquista Columbian Exchange Madiera Atlantic World First Contact Encomienda Black Legend Reformation St. Augustine, 1565 Primogeniture Jamestown / Chesapeake Headright System Indentured Labor Addictive Luxuries Spanish, French, Dutch English Colonial Period Jamestown / Chesapeake Headright System Fall line Primogeniture Indentured Labor Middle Ground New England Pilgrims (Plymouth) 1620 William Bradford
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Unformatted text preview: (separating Puritans) Puritans (Boston) 1630 John Winthrop (non-separating Puritans) Anne Hutchinson Puritan Dilemma Jeremiads Half-way covenant I saw the devil in the shape of a woman. Africans in America Middle passage Free Africans Slave societies Gradual process Bacons Rebellion SLAVERY: racism or just business? Bi-racial society Slave resistance Stono Rebellion, 1739 Fort Mos Great Awakening The Enlightenment...
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