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Lecture Notes 1 of 3 for Ch 1

Lecture Notes 1 of 3 for Ch 1 - • Aztecs established...

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Brinkley Ch. 1 America Before Columbus Estimates of first migrations state that they may have began between 14000 and 16000  years ago Probably a result of stone tipped spears and other technological advancements that  made it easier for humans to pursue large game Perhaps as early as 8000 BC they may have reached the southern tip of South America Well over 50 million people, possibly as many as 75 million lived in the Americas by  1500, perhaps 10 million in what now constitutes the continental United States Civilizations of the South Incas in Peru, perhaps 6 million people – complex political system and a large network  of roads that welded the tribes under a single government Mayas on the Yucatan Peninsula built sophisticated culture with a written language,  numerical system, accurate calendar, and advanced agricultural system
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Unformatted text preview: • Aztecs established precarious rule over much of central and southern Mexico and had elaborate administrative, educational, and medical systems – harsh religion that required human sacrifice • All three societies were based on agriculture Civilizations of the North • Survived on hunting, gathering, and fishing. • Included o the Eskimos of the Arctic Circle who fished and hunted seals o the big game hunters of the northern forests who led nomadic lives based on pursuit of moose and caribou o the tribes of the Pac. Northwest, whose occupation was salmon fishing though they did create permanent settlements along the coast o and a group of tribes spread through the arid regions of the Far West who survived on fishing, hunting small game, and gathering...
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