Implied Warranty of Title

Implied Warranty of Title - are to be used. Made only by a...

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A.) Descriptions Implied Warranty of Title a. Seller is the owner of the goods and no one else has a claim on them, may be disclaimed. B.) Express Warranties as to Quality of Goods a. Created by: i. Promises or affirmation of fact ii. Samples or models iii. Description b. Intent is irrelevant and no specific words are necessary to create an express warranty: C.) Implied Warranties as to Quality a. Merchantability – Goods are fit for ordinary purpose for which they were made and
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Unformatted text preview: are to be used. Made only by a merchant. b. Fitness for particular purpose of buyer i. When you give the buyer something, you must make sure youre giving him something that will be good for the buyers particular purpose. D.) Warranties may be excluded, disclaimed or modified E.) Magnuson Moss Warranty Act applies to express warranties in consumer sales. F.) E-Sign Your signature online that means you have signed something. i....
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