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Sales under U.C.C 1.) Goods – tangible and movable 2.) Merchant – One who deals in goods of the kind or holds themselves out as having knowledge and skills peculiar to the business or goods involved in the transaction or employs merchants to act on their behavior 3.) Sale – Transfer of title to good from Seller to Buyer for a price. 4.) Generally – The offer can be more indefinite and still be an offer E.g. open price terms 5.) Unless provided otherwise, delivery and payment for the goods will be at the Sellers’
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Unformatted text preview: place of business 6.) Firm Offer – Irrevocable offer made by a merchant 7.) Generally the UCC does not follow the mirror image rule a. Possible to have an acceptance that is not a mirror image of the offer. 8.) No consideration is necessary to modify a sale of goods contract 9.) Writing required for sale of goods for $500 and more a. EXCEPTIONS i. Written confirmation between merchants ii. Specially manufactured goods iii. Admission under oath iv. Partial performance...
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