TEST - TEST 1 Torts a intentional torts Define them...

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TEST 1.) Torts – a. intentional torts. Define them. Recognize which tort will be committed under a given set of facts. b. Unintentional torts. Define them. Same thing c. Defenses. Assumption of risk d. Injury without negligence? 2.) Strict Liability and products Liability a. Products Liability – when your products defects and causes injury i. Breach of warranty 1. Expressed or implied 2. Must be a contract ii. Negligence theory iii. Fraud theory iv. Strict Liability 1. Defective product that is reasonably dangerous to everyone. b. Strict Liability i. Failure to display warning
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3.) Intellectual Property a. Trademarks i. What you can get a trademark on ii. Strong and weak mark iii. To be a registered mark, it must be approved by the government iv. Renewable v. Service mark vi. Product mark. Treated the same way. vii.A confusion of trademark b. Copyrights i. Artistic + literary works ii. Life of author and 50 years iii. What can you get a copyright in? iv. What rights does that give you
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TEST - TEST 1 Torts a intentional torts Define them...

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