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FRANCHISES This is an arrangement where a Franchisor licenses Franchisee with the right to use intellectual property in marketing goods or services under specific conditions. I. Types a. Distributorship – a manufacturing concern licenses a dealer to sell its product b. Business Format – Franchisor provides the trademark and franchisee is responsible c. Manufacturing or processing – Franchisor transfers the essential ingredients or formula to make a particular product. II.
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Unformatted text preview: Law of Franchising a. Many states have adopted special laws which require disclosure to limit the opportunities for the seller to engage in fraudulent practices b. Franchise Agreement – key provisions i. Franchise fees & other charges ii. Location & business organization iii. Quality controls & other restrictions iv. Termination c. Relationship of Franchisee to Franchisor Is the Franchisee an agent or independent contractor? It is an independent contractor because they sign an agreement on that....
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