International Business Transactions

International Business Transactions - b. Warehouse receipt...

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International Business Transactions 1. Exporting – direct to the buyer 2. Use of a Foreign Sales Representative or Distributor 3. Set u pa foreign Branch or subsidiary 4. Establish a foreign franchise 5. License technology 6. Form joint venture Sales Contracts 1. Convention for International Sales of Goods CISG 2. Sales Contracts – Provisions a. b. Official languages c. Risk of loss clause d. Currency designation 3. Payment – Financing Methods a. Cash in advance b. Open account c. Letter of credit d. 4. Export Transaction Documents a. Shipment documents – Bill of Lading or Airbill
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Unformatted text preview: b. Warehouse receipt c. Invoices & certificates d. Certificates of origin 5. Freight Forwarders a. Freight arrangement b. Document handling c. Information services 6. Importing – movement of goods into a country. There may be restriction in different countries. FDA requirements, re-packaging, modifications or additional transportation costs 7. Customs Brokers – licensed to conduct customs business and ensures that duties, taxes or other charges are paid, also handles freight forwarding services or transportation arrangements & document preparation....
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International Business Transactions - b. Warehouse receipt...

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