History Test #2

History Test #2 - Second Continental Congress-It took place...

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Second Continental Congress -It took place n Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1775. Delegates from all of the colonies except Georgia attended. The second continental congress amended the articles of confederation and the declaration of independence. John Hancock was the head of the second continental congress. Whiskey Rebellion -This took place in western Pennsylvania in 1794. There was a federal excise tax on alcohol. Farmers in that region depended on the sale of whiskey to give them a little spending money. They protested the tax and President George Washington sent the army to break up the riots. It was the first time the federal government used the army to enforce a federal tax. Articles of Confederation -This was written in 1777 at the second continental congress in Philadelphia. It was the first government system of the new republic. It consisted of a weak central government; most of the power was given to the states. There was no executive or judicial branch. There was, however, a unicameral legislature. Representation to the legislature was by proportion of population from each state. During sessions at Congress, each state received one vote. The federal government to not regulate commerce, tax the people, or raise an army. The Articles of Confederation could not be amended unless all
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History Test #2 - Second Continental Congress-It took place...

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