Polisci notes - The presidency The framers wanted a strong...

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The presidency The framers wanted a strong government: strong executive office -written out that there is a separate executive office -electoral cycle: you can't be a president for life The constitution gives the pres. a lot of a power. But it’s not clearly stated what the boundaries are --in the 19th and 20th century the presidents give themselves more and more power WWI: 1914-1918 -this is when the US started to become a national power. It grows in the economic and technological power -it’s in this time that the president regulates the federal economy, dominating the social welfare system. "Modernist president" (activist): active, interested, pushing the rules. -FDR (1933-1945) pushes the boundaries of the role of the presidency. Expands the roles of the president -1930- Depression. Real economic hardships. FDR organizes "new deal" gigantic system of help. It’s a government response to the depression. Ie: social security, welfare, employment programs (public works), -the American interventionist state. (Welfare state). The government is obligated to offer some level of protection for the citizens. -"the government as a provider" WWII: 1939-1945 -America comes in at 1941 -Americans didn't want to go into war. They thought it wasn't their problem -Nazis produced a ton of crap, the Americans produced more, This helped us win the war. -plants that were making car, now were making tanks. -we make an atomic bomb. We are "world power" JFK: Kennedy (1961-1963) -Was assassinated. It was a time when assassinations were not rare. -Civil rights act of 1964- JFK passes this -Title 1: barred unequal application of voter registration requirements. -before some states were making some people take literacy test which made it unfair for those who they wouldn't let pass.
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Polisci notes - The presidency The framers wanted a strong...

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