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2.5 - VIII The Idea the Form Idealist structure(above the...

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2/5/08 Plato’s Political Thought Continued VII Idealism: appearance and reality -metaphysics and epistemology -contrasts drawn between capacities Masses Leaders Followers Philosophers Cannot know truth, no wisdom Can know what is true, have wisdom “Sightseers, Spectators”-live in realm of appearances and beliefs See beauty itself, can experience knowledge of reality opposed to belief, can see what is intelligible See only what is changing See what is permanent Only able to see things assumed to be real Can see reality itself Examples: par 476a, 479a, 480a, 485a, 500c -idealism: speaks to the existence of real ideas -2 schools of thought in western philosophy Empiricism (empirical approach) Idealism That which is real is only what we can experience through our senses There is reality above and beyond sensory experience Sometimes called “positism, “naturalism”, “materialism” Sometimes called “Transcendentalism”, “supernaturalism”. “spiritualism” -Plato is the first great Idealist
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Unformatted text preview: VIII- The Idea, the Form Idealist structure (above the line) realm of reality, ideas and essences of things exist (below the line) realm of experience-lots of things are good, but there is one essence of “goodness”-p. 484c IX- Sailors and Captains-488b-sailors think they can guide the ship, despite never learning how-must have wisdom in order to lead X- Sophists Sophists Philosophers Teach in the realm of appearance Teach in the realm of true belief No insight of true reality (essence) Insight of true reality Pretenders True Kings Teach assembly, train in rhetoric Real teachers par. 493 XI- Allegory of the Cave Par. 514-everyone in the cave is living in the empirical world-all they can see is shadows from the fire-some people escape the cave-Difficult to see objects, can eventually look directly at the sun-once people see the real essence of things they don’t want to go back-par. 517c XII- Modern Platonism-...
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2.5 - VIII The Idea the Form Idealist structure(above the...

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