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1 The Sun Rising, John Donne The first section of the poem is addressing the sun as a great power. The speaker accuses the sun of being an “old fool” and asks why the state, or seasons, of the sun must influence the seasons of lovers. The “saucy pedantic wretch” is told to go and awaken all the late sleepers and get everyone to their duties. The poem follows a rhyme scheme of abba, cdcd, ee. The second part of the poem opens with the speaker telling the sun that he could block it out simply by closing his eyes. In the fourth line of the second section the
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Unformatted text preview: speaker changes who is being addressed. He challenges those that have not seen the sun to open their eyes for themselves and tell him what they see. Is the final line another way of saying Were all in the same boat? The final section seems to pity the sun. Although it performs the vital duty of warming the Earth, it is not a part of the planet. In the Ptolemaic view of astronomy, Earth is the center of the universe, putting the sun in the role of the servant....
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