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Technology Advanced, Modern, Available, Organized Daughter of Traditional Teaching Methods Lover of Visual, Collaborative, Advanced Learning Who feels systematic, reliable, and futuristic Who needs smart boards, projectors, and computers Who fears viruses, addictions, and power restrictions Who gives multiplicity in educational resources, skills, and adds variety in learning. Who would like to see improvements in teaching, learning, and community connections Resident of Oakwood Elementary’s Technological Advancements
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Unformatted text preview: Adaptive Education • Optimistic, dedicated, and mindful of individuality • Mother of Success • Lover of visual, listening, and hands on experience • Who feels enthusiastic, creative, and cooperative • Who needs discipline, integrity, and balance in motives of learning • Who fears resistance, absence, and disinterest • Who gives encouragement, trust, knowledge • Who would like to see excellence, achievement, and openness to new ways of learning • Resident of promoting value in • Learning...
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