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Atom - NA sodium Electron – 1 st shell two charges, rest up to 8, last will alternate Proton + 11 Neutron 11 - Ultimate goal is understanding not happiness - Octet-Noble –tend to have 8 in last shell - Noble gases are also known as ideal gases, nonreactive, free gases Three forms of matter: solid, liquid, and gases. Gases have more freedom – nonreactive Na Cl- salt H20- water 02- gas
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Unformatted text preview: Quiz Thursday in KriyaYoga pH- measure of hydrogen ions 1. Ionic bonds are very strong but are dissolved in water. 2. Covalent bonds – goal is still to reach octet, but by sharing of electrons- duet configuration Lewis representation – when two or more elements joining they are unspecific proposal called molecules. \...
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