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Reflection Response B The purpose of my position paper aimed to examine the process of becoming a teacher. As a response, I will reflect upon the development and aftermath of this assignment. During the course of researching my topic, I noticed various articles discussing the current standards of curriculum in becoming a teaching professional to illustrate repetitive themes. More specifically, the importance of two particular themes attracted my attention while writing. These two themes were related to the required element of service learning; 1) the experience of diversity and 2) the establishment of identity as a teacher. After writing the final product, I realize these issues facilitated an interest because of my personal experience at West Side and more generally, from EDU 207 class time this semester. Within my research, the experience of diversity was described to enable higher success amongst future teachers. Some of the articles discuss how the practice of preservice teaching within a diverse setting can reduce apprehension, false assumptions, biases, stereotypes, and vulnerability and can improve assertiveness, openness, fairness, and patience as teachers. Also, one explicit article described how statistically, a large percentage of preserve teachers in the U.S are white, middle class females and further, by observing some to experience diversity during
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This note was uploaded on 05/20/2008 for the course EDUCATION 207 taught by Professor Maureenhall during the Spring '08 term at UMass Dartmouth.

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Journal Response example - Reflection Response B The...

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