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Tale of Two Women II

Tale of Two Women II - HP 430 Fall 2007 A Tale of Two Women...

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HP 430 Fall 2007 A Tale of Two Women, part II Due: 10/9/2007 10 points Sarah and Jane are two women who are the same height, age and ethnicity; however Sarah weighs more than Jane. Sarah does not understand why she weighs more than Jane and works hard to prevent gaining even more weight. Jane seems to maintain her weight without much effort or thought. After talking with each of them, you estimate their energy intake. Age Ht Wt Energy intake Sarah 26 5’6” 180 lbs 2000 kcals Jane 26 5’6” 130 lbs 2000 kcals Questions To answer these questions, use the articles that are posted on Blackboard as a starting point. Each group should plan on doing an 8 to 10 minute presentation on its assigned question (look for your group name after the question) and should plan on using PowerPoint for the presentation. Note: an 8 to 10 minute presentation works out to about 8 to 10 slides. Although each group is presenting on one question, each group is responsible for answering all questions and posting its answers on writeboard.com.
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