11.28 - -legal implications Paintings as a mirror of the...

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11/28/07 Imagined danger of hypnosis -getting stuck in a trance? -no, go into a normal sleep and wake up -does continual hypnosis make you tired or upset? -not unless the hypnotist suggests for you to be -does it make you emotionally unstable? -not unless you were already unstable Real danger of hypnosis -physiological response -hypnotized to believe something dangerous your body might believe it (stool=1200foot cliff) -release of traumatic material -repressed childhood memories -misdiagnosis of illness -cannot cure cancer -dependent personality -may make dependences worse -side effects -headaches, anxiety, dizziness, loss of attention or memory -real vs. hypnotically induced events
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Unformatted text preview: -legal implications Paintings as a mirror of the mind-art and psychiatry-purpose:-a creative event to bring joy-an icebreaker instead of verbalizing-a catharsis-questions:-diagnostic value of paintings-visual expression of feelings-schizophrenic paintings-general patterns-fill all space on the canvas-segmentation of the canvas-words and pictures-attention to detail-neologisms-a new word or phrase in a private language-Hebephrenic schizophrenia-“word salad”-jumbled words in a paragraph-politics, sex, and immorality-expressions of remorse and guilt-eyes, especially of the artist-catatonic schizophrenia-search for control of dangerous desires...
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11.28 - -legal implications Paintings as a mirror of the...

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