DFDfor AegisCompany'sBillingProcedures

DFDfor AegisCompany'sBillingProcedures - Entities Shipping...

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Para Activities Shipping 1 1. Forwards shipping notices to billing department Billing 1 2. Obtains unit sales prices from price list book Clerck 1 3. Notes sales prices on shipping notices 1 4. Types a 3-part invoice 1 5. Mails original invoice to the customer 1 6. Files copy 2 of the invoice 1 7. Prepares a batch total tape of the invoices 1 8. Staples the batch tape to invoice copies (copy 3) 1 9. Sends the batch to data processing Customer 1 Data Control 2 10. Enters batch total in control log Clerk 2 11. Compare daily summary report to control log total 2 12. Staples daily summary report to batch of invoices. 2 13. Files the package of invoices, batch tape and summary report Data Entry 2 14. Keys each invoice on a key-to-tape machine 2 15. Produces a magnetic tape of invoice transactions Computer 2 16. Sorts the invoice transaction tape 2 17. Runs the transaction tape and previous day's accounts receivable master f 2 18. Updates the accounts receivable master file 2 19. Generates a daily summary report
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DFDfor AegisCompany'sBillingProcedures - Entities Shipping...

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