10.22 - -halo effect-predetermined positive biases lead to...

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10/22/07 Unreliability of Interviews -no specifically defined job requirements, judge on different criteria -inadequate questions -unrelated to criteria -loaded questions How to give (or take) and interview -establish rapport (voice and gestures) -1 st 15 seconds are critical -focus on: -past performance -creative thinking -hypothetical situation -knowledge of the company -appearance and social skills -communication skills -use completion probes -nod, be responsive, smile -keep control (or take control) of the interview -understand what is being said Rating error -Error of leniency -afraid to discriminate, rate everyone high -Error of central tendency -afraid to discriminate, rates everyone average
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Unformatted text preview: -halo effect-predetermined positive biases lead to above-appropriate rating-contrast effect-rate high if similar to the interviewer, rate low if dissimilar 3, Experimental methodology-experimental drug-must use a control group-spontaneous remission-suggestion of pills effect-getting attention-outside influences Experimental Design 1. define the population of subjects 2. draw a random sample Dependent Variable Pretest Independent Variable Dependent Variable Posttest Experimental Before Pill After Control Before Placebo After-Placebo-controls for autosuggestion and the Hawthorne effect-increase in motivation from getting attention...
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10.22 - -halo effect-predetermined positive biases lead to...

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