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10.24 - -continuity-Illusion-a discrepancy exists between...

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10/24/07 Necessary Controls Keep subjects “blind” -John Henry effect -above average performance in response to competition Keep assistants “blind” -control for experimenter expectancy Experimental effect (A Exp-A Cont) – (B exp – B cont) Perception 1930’s-Gestalt Psychologists -not atomistic, but based on innate laws of perceptual organization -proximity -similarity
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Unformatted text preview: -continuity-Illusion-a discrepancy exists between the distal physical stimulus and our interpretation of it based on the information in the proximal (retinal) stimulus-causes of illusions: 1. laws of organizations which lead us astray 1. past experience can lead us astray 3. impoverished cues-hidden information, assumptions about the environment...
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