Nuerotransmitters - Nuerotransmitters Acetylcholine...

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Acetylcholine Acetylcholine- only neurotransmitter found in neuromuscular junction. Can be easily measured in the brain. Huge impact on Alzheimer’s . Septum- cell bodies are all collected here. Also includes nucleus basilis Effects of Acetylcholine Amygdala- decreases rage and aggression Plays the biggest role in smell.(Olfactory bulb). Alzheimers patients start losing sense of smell, one of the first signs Nicotine, Muscurine- they are ion tropic M1- receptors turn on Muscurine- comes from “magic mushroom” Choline- found in wheat germ Serotonin Sera- blood,serum Tonin- tone Word was first used in 1949, Maurice Rapport- trying to isolate a substance from blood that casuses blood vessels to constrict Thought to be in the blood stream and in perephial nervous system Betty Twarog,1953- used little neck clams and found that serotoinin was a neurotransmitter Pathway of serotoinin starts with amino acid, tryptohan. Found in turkey and bananas. The rate limiting factor depends on how much tryptophan is in diet.
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Nuerotransmitters - Nuerotransmitters Acetylcholine...

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