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10.12 - -imprinted to an airplane Negatives-Difficult to...

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10/12/07 Two Ball Games Organized Sports + Good fields, uniforms, coaching, competition (life skills) - Adult interference, pressure Spontaneous Play +Independence (life skill), lack of pressure - Poor fields, no uniforms, lack of coaching Naturalistic Observations Positives: -Behavior is natural -A must method for studying some phenomena -Good for exploratory research ‘Konrad Lorenz: discovery of imprinting with geese -Applications: -migration can be taught to transplanted endangered species
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Unformatted text preview: -imprinted to an airplane Negatives:-Difficult to observe everything-What do secondary videos omit?-Potential inefficiency-Alternative explanations are possible-August 9, 1966 NYC: Record birthrate-9 months prior: Great Northeast Blackout 11/9/65-statisticians give proof to the contrary-Inappropriate for studying cognitive processes or attitudes Systematic Assessement:-Personality and ability tests-0case histories-public opinion surveys...
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