Quiz1 - printf"Vm[L/mol p_pg[atm p_vw[atm\n"...

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#include <stdio.h> #define R 8.20574e-2 int main (void) { printf ("\nPart I:\n\n"); int k; for(k=1; k<=5; k++) { printf ("(%1d) Padres, National League West Champion\n",k); } printf ("\nPart II:\n\n"); int i; double a,b,T; a = 3.610; b = 4.29e-2; T = 323.0; printf ("T = %4.1f\n\n",T); double Vm,p_pg,p_vw; printf("---------------------------------------\n");
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Unformatted text preview: printf("Vm[L/mol] p_pg [atm] p_vw [atm]\n"); printf("---------------------------------------\n"); for(i=0; i<=25; i++) { Vm = i/50.0 + 0.1; p_pg = R*T/Vm; p_vw = R*T/(Vm - b) - a/(Vm*Vm); printf("%7.2f %11.1f %11.1f\n",Vm,p_pg,p_vw); } }...
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