10.15 - -Tough, critical- 4 (away from...

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10/15/07 -Systematic Assessment Measurement of present trait Prediction of future behavior Personality Tests -The Bell Personality Style Test -Meaures: 7 personality styles -Predicts: Successful adjustment in friendship. Marriage, sex, parenting, careers -Assumptions: We develop consistent styles of being (dispositional, not situational theory) Traits: 1. Performer 2. Attacker 3. Commander 4. Avoider 5. Pleaser 6. Drifter 7. Avoider -best quality-sense of humor -worst quality-arrogance -person most wanted sick in bed next to you: Christen -person least wanted sick in bed next to you: Gabe -1-10: -Orderly and self disciplined- 6 (towards commander) -Quiet Shy and Reserved- 3 (away from avoider) -Messy, disorganized, unstructured- 2 (towards drifter) -Nice and kind-8 (Towards pleaser)
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Unformatted text preview: -Tough, critical- 4 (away from attacker)-overcommitted and in a hurry-7 (towards performer)-self confident-9 (towards achiever) Favorite Breed of Dog-huskies: tough, durable, strong, smart, cute-what you want in a partner Assessing the value of a test:-Is the test reliable?-does it have consistent results?-is the test valid?-Does the test measure what it says it is measuring?-predictive validity-does it accurately show future performance-r^2: % of agreement between variables-content validity-how accurate of a subject is the test?-face validity-how hard is it to decipher what the test is testing?-personal validity--on what population was the test standardized?-German students vs American students...
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10.15 - -Tough, critical- 4 (away from...

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