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Project 2 - Devon Bond 3/12/08 Ken Bingham Project 2 You...

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Devon Bond 3/12/08 Ken Bingham Project 2 You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide In 2005 the Department of Homeland Security proposed the creation of a national ID in place of state issued forms of identification. This lead to the Real ID Act, the goal is to create a national form of identification that would allow for people to be easily identified as American Citizens. The people who support this say that the ID claim would make it more difficult for thieves such as terrorists to steal people’s identities which makes our country safer. The act is also said to cover topics such as immigration control identity theft. But this new form of ID nearly proves that our government has little faith in its people by going through great lengths to peer into the lives of its citizens. Installing a national form of ID undoubtedly has benefits that Americans can take advantage of. For one, raising the security standards of our national form of ID would keep terrorists from being able to steal the identity of anyone without them knowing. These identification cards would be very difficult to replicate as well. They are said to contain special holograms, markers, serial numbers, and a special ink that glows under black light. The Real ID Act would allow our government to have greater control over
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Project 2 - Devon Bond 3/12/08 Ken Bingham Project 2 You...

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