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Social Change - them If the new generation makes social...

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Devon Bond Social Change- Article Review Social Entrepreneurship is revolutionary and will be a new way to protest social problems. The article shows the different generation protests and how it has changed the world. The first example is the civil rights movements in the 1960’s run mostly by the young this movement changed so much in the world today and made it race less of an issue now. Thanks to the civil rights movements many people can unite as one and race is less of a gap. In the entrepreneurial world Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the technology world in the 1980’s by introducing PC’s and computers. This shows that anybody can change the world if they put their mind to it. They both contribute a large amount of money to the community to improve the world socially. The United States will see as the newer generation is being taught social entrepreneur ship that they may need to see problems internally and externally and fix
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Unformatted text preview: them. If the new generation makes social entrepreneurship a main focus I believe it will make a big enough impact to have the government help. Social Entrepreneurship needs to be bigger though it may take ten to twenty years before the government and the rest of the world realizes that a change needs to be made and has been made. Social Entrepreneurship is always seen as a non-profit organization or a low profit organization. The thing that needs to be stressed in classes is that it is OK to make money even millions of dollars to run a social entrepreneurship. It needs to be stressed because people who help the world socially and make money are looked down upon but the people who make millions and don’t do anything for the world are not even looked at as selfish people. If this can be taught to young Americans in social entrepreneurship the world can change quickly....
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Social Change - them If the new generation makes social...

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