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9/26/07 Case Histories -“Learning to Play God”-Robert Marion -chronicles a residency -Dr. Erny’s steps -accidentally skips steps on orders -101 Student-Ripline -incorrect pulley assembly -1 weeks 6 hrs/night =.1 BAC -Medical Residents impairment > 3 or 4 drinks -“microsleeps” -“Presenteeisn” -1 drink on 6 hours of sleep=six drinks w/ 8 hours -80 000 Americans fall asleep a the wheel every day -teens cause 50% of accidents -biggest cause of teen death -driving drowsy is the same as driving drunk -drive cam -high-task involvement masks sleepiness -sports, debate -sleepiness is insidious
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Unformatted text preview: -demand for 24-hour services-“work until you drop” syndrome-late night TV, internet, IM-social changes-1 in 3 is a single parent family-89% of families are 2 career -linear relationship between sleep reduction and daytime sleepiness-cognitive performance decreases significantly after 16 hours of awake-Teenage Sleep Deprivation Crisis-lots of distraction (alcohol, video games, internet, etc)-hormone changes causing delayed sleep-yo-yo sleep wake schedules-Answer: good sleep hygiene, later school start times-result: academics, athletics, decrease in drug use and disease...
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