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Quiz4S - Name Physics 125 Analytical Physics II Quiz...

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Unformatted text preview: Name Physics 125: Analytical Physics II Quiz 4123108 The picture shows two loops of wire in the same plane and with the same center. Wire leads to the outer one are driving a current around the outer loop in the direction shown. However, the extenral source is failing, and the current in is dropping. {in the following small axes, draw 1Iteto’oors or arrows representing the direction and relative magnitudes of... r {a} the magnetic field at the origin from the outer a little 1am than for (b), [e] the extemal magnetic flux through the inner loop %' / 5*! ll “r: (d) the change in magnetic flux between earlier and —1~ r later times, _(e} the induced magnetic field that will be caused he ,, k/ the inner loop, [fl and the induced current in the inner loop (which \7} is creating the field in (e)). Indicate this direction by putting an arrow head at the appropriate end of x the given are. ...
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