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9.28 - -liquor within 3 hrs-menstruation(71 fitful sleep<...

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9/28/07 -All mental events enter hippocampus -Sleep stores and connects episodic memories in the cerebral cortex -elevated stress hormone levels resulting from sleep deprivation causes the brain to stop producing new brain cells in the hippocampus -can you learn while you sleep? -“brilliant” experiment No acquisition during sleep -greater retention after sleep if material is learned before sleep -pick a schedule and stick to it -fractured sleep -caffeine after 2 p.m. -chocolate after 2 p.m. -smoking whenever
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Unformatted text preview: -liquor within 3 hrs-menstruation (71% fitful sleep. < progesterone)-improved sleep-exercise-release endorphins (mood elevators reduce stress)-best time to exercise: not morning-proper diet-salads, veggies, fiber-avoid spicy food and msg-avoid late-night snacks-make up for lost sleep-biphasic sleep pattern-no modern day siesta-the “power nap”-10-15 minutes-daily nap cuts risk of heart disease by 37%-make sure your bedroom is clean and cool-get quality sleeping materials (pillows and mattresses)...
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