PHYS 151Q.005 1-23-2008

PHYS 151Q.005 1-23-2008 - measured in seconds 1 year=365...

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Day 1 Weds 1-23-08 PHYS 151Q.005 I –Units of Measure Two systems of Measure English System - Feet-ft Pound-lb Gallon-g Metric System- also known as SI unit or MeterKilogramSecond. These include meter, kilogram, and liter. What is a meter? Originally thought of as 10/10^6 of the distance traveled from North Pole to equator. Now it is known as the time light traveled during 1/299792448 seconds. Time-
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Unformatted text preview: measured in seconds. 1 year=365 days 1day=24 hours One second is the time that elapses during 9,192,631,770 (9.192631770 x 10 9 ) cycles of the radiation produced by the transition between two levels of the cesium 133 atom. Weight-The vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity. It is measured in pounds. 1 lb is about .454kg. II – Power of Scientific Notation...
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