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Day 6 Mon 2-4-08 PHYS 151Q.005 3.3 –Relative motion Your velocity is relative to whatever your frame of reference is. If you are in a plane walking down the aisle let 4 km/h and the plane is going 1000km/h, you are going 1004 km/h relative to the ground. In this case the frame of reference is the ground. If you had been walking toward the back of the plane, the velocities would have opposite signs and you would be going 996km/h. The equation for relative motion is ' v v V = + r ur ur 3.5 Projectile Motion A projectile is something thrown or launched into the air, and is influenced by gravity. Such as
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Unformatted text preview: basketballs, missiles, bullets, rocks, etc. In physics we assume there is no air resistance and assume it’s in a vacuum. The equations for projectile motion are: 2 1 2 x x y y o x y v v v v gt x x v t y y v t gt = =-= + = +-These are assuming the only acceleration is due to gravity. 3.6 Uniform Circular Motion This describes a circular path at constant speed. Although the speed is constant the motion is accelerated because the direction of the velocity is changing. Velocity vectors are tangent to the circle. The equation is Circular Motion is 2 v a v =...
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