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10/01 Scientific Methods Naturalistic Observation -See and record what happens on the natural, undisturbed state -limited to observable behaviors -great method for gathering hypotheses to be tested under controls -discovery of REM sleep -we observed ESP in class, but it lacked scientific control -Rules: 1. observe a representative sample of Ss if you wish to generalize your findings to a larger population -most studies are done with narrow sampling 2. Observe all the relevant factors
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Unformatted text preview: -Clever Hans-horse that can do math-picking up visual cues-Faith Healers-information pumped in-Randi- The Faith Healers-Rev. Popoff, hearing aid-Systematic Assessment-MSLT-Freuds psychoanalysis-SATs LSATs are not ultimate predictors of success in a career Experimental Manipulation-Milgram experiment-does the experiment have ecological validity? ESP: Clairvoyance:-Discerning objects-items in a box Telepathy-mindreading...
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